What is an Affirmation?

affirmations gratitude i am positivity releasing self care statements Aug 11, 2021


Affirmations have become my go to for keeping me steady and calm whenever I feel any bit of anxiety or uncertainty bubble up. That could look like the kids melting down, to walking into a big meeting or heading into a party and feeling that social anxiety pop-up. Affirmations are a tool that we can use everyday in ANY situation. Ready to learn how? Let's get going! 

Why affirmations? 

The most important relationship we have in life is the one we have is the one we have with ourself. It's how we talk to ourself throughout the day, it's that inner dialogue that is constantly playing in our head. Take a moment right now and think about your daily inner monologue. Is it positive? Is it negative? Could you use a tool to reprogram towards a more positive inner dialogue? 

Affirmations can help you get there. 

What is an affirmation? 

According to google an affirmation is "action or process of affirming something or being affirmed".

Affirm means "state as a fact, assert strongly and publicly". 

Very simply, affirmations are a short, concise statement aimed at uplifting and affirming a core belief. 

They are always two things:

  • Postive
  • Short & concise

To work you must say them with confidence, belief and power because you are working to recondition your brain. How you say an affirmation is absolutely critical. You want to say it with strength and belief. 

Lastly, affirmation must hold an emotional weight. Really think about what you want to gain from that affirmation and hold onto that energy. Feel it, internalize it and allow your brain to truly connect to that end goal. 

There are many types of affirmations, however, there are 3 that are most frequently used:

  • I Am
  • Gratitude
  • Releasing

Are you more of a visual person? Check out the video below.


 "I Am" Affirmation

"I Am" is one of the most powerful statements you can make. What you say after an "I Am" statement ends up creating your entire reality. Most affirmations start with "I Am". 

My Favorites:

  • I am a happy, fit mom.
  • I am a kind, patient mom.

Using "I am a kind, patient mom" as an example. When I am in a trying moment with my kids, I can take a moment, say my affirmation and reconnect with how I want to be as a mom. This would look like taking a few extra breaths instead of elevating my voice. It reminds me of how I want to interact with my children and what I want my core energy or outlook to be when I am around them. Reaffirming "kind, patient mom" helps me go back into that space of kindness and patience when its being tested the most.

A win, win for all of us. 

Releasing Affirmation

A "Releasing" affirmation is an affirmation that allows you to release something that you are ready to let go of. 

Example: I release all fears of not being perfect. I am enough and perfect in my own way.

What this helps us to do is to take these insecurities or underlying fears and allows us to let them go. By feeling the emotion of letting go, we get our power back. 

Example: I let go of all expectations.

This statement allows us to live in the present moment. I find that when i do not have an expectation of how things will go, I also release that disappointment when they don't go or fit into that expectation. Put the energy into doing your best or seeing the light into the person next to you. By letting go of expectations and choosing to see the good we let life play out as it should be. 

Gratitude Statement

 These are a great foundation as part of our everyday life. When we are grounded in gratefulness, it is natural for us to see that beauty that surrounds us. 

In trying moments, it's hard to find that grateful spirit, but when we can connect back to what you are grateful in those hard moments it allows you to change that frame of mind from disappointment into a beautiful spirit of gratitude. 

One practice that works really well is a morning gratitude practice. If you like to write, then creating a dedicated journal is a great idea. Every morning, take 5 mins to write down 3 gratitude statements. For me, I am not a writer so I like to say my 3 gratitude statements in my head before putting my feet on the ground in the morning. Pick which one works best for you. 

Starting your day off grounded in gratitude each day will begin to rewire your brain to first chose gratefulness as its first option. It will become second nature and it all starts with a simple 3 gratitude statement practice.  

What's your favorite?

Okay those are 3 affirmation types that you can use each day to rewire your brain into one of positivity. Seriously, how cool is that! We are totally in control of our thoughts and how we go about each day. It's our choice and becomes easier and easier with consistency and practice.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite affirmations. How awesome would it be to see this beautiful thread of positivity. 


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